Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Apps Review (root) - GT Photo Recovery

Oh crap, I just deleted my precious family photo few minutes ago! what should I do ? maybe jump off the cliff... Hold on maybe you can try recover your deleted photo with GT Photo Recovery for free. Lets see how it looks like,

1. Get the app on Google Playstore, the one has bloody red-tyre logo with a runover lizard.



2. Once download complete run the apps, before you proceed the new scan,

Push the Like button , kidding

3. It will prompt for Root access so your devices must have Root enable 1st, it will not works for unroot devices,

Only idiots would deny it

still not root bro? 
go burn your devices to make it works  (sarcasm)

4. Scanning, wait for complete, You may tap the timeline or others tab for categories view, sometime the TimeLine view has nothing to see, perhaps its relate with photo that missing date or timestamp exif.

lucky I dont keep porn on it.. phew...

5. Tap to select the images, you may do couple photo selection as many you like. Recovery process start by pressing the red Recover button below. A small popup displayed recovery path location default to GTRecoveryFiles folder which locate to internal memory. ou can also restore the files to your own folder favorites or on another memory partition

Dont press the green one or you be sorry

6. A pop up notification Recovery Succeed allows you for instant result list by pressing View the result. The I knew thing means if you want to view it later using photo manager such as Gallery

7. This is what happened once you press the View the result button

 Its magic !

8. You can also manually browse the images with Photo or File Explorer.

I love ES File Explorer

Im cold ..

They might violently runover towards lizards on the road, GT Photo Recovery is basic for techies geeks. I couldnt found any configuration page or detail option so its simple and easy. The only lack option is drive specific or memory card selection, so I couldnt recognition isit the pictures from internal or external memory. A search result quite mess up disorganize for abudant result but it does works for some pictures. Its safe free to use for noobies.


-Alan One

This article also available in Bahasa Melayu
Reviu Aplikasi (root) - GT Photo Rcovery by Mie Mohd

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