Monday, 4 January 2016

Apps review - Restore Images (Super Easy)

Restore Images (Super Easy)

We got nice apps from Playstore called Restore Images (Super Easy). OKay what does it do ? it could recover deleted files on Android devices with super easy steps. Lets try how reliable this apps was.

1.Once opening program you'll prompt "How To Use" manual , a simple guide for users. So read to understand it, if you cant read , repeat your school grade

once you get it, close the box prompt

2. Close the prompt guide. Its user interface quite understandable. The gear icon is the main apps settings. You dont need to configure or change default setting unless the apps crashed or force closed. This might usefull to limit display content for more geeky & stable control.


3. Below right a "searching.." indicate application is working and scanning both internal and external memory (cards), mine took 1 minutes to complete scan. This depends on devices memory size and performance, the larger memory size consume more time. Once complete scroll down for more list. Each folder indentified with 'Internal' for internal phone memory or 'SD Card', "External" or "USB Devices" for expansion memory

my phone has 2 memory, internal and sdcard memory

4. For testing in this review purpose, the folder select is "SD -card Post 02-11-2011", you can see it my old stuff. I wonder isit hidden or delete ..

my target file is with SD Card

5. Once tapping selection folder, it shows the content of the folder. There were 6 images here. You can make selection of the image by entirely selection of manual pick 1 by 1. In this review I pick the whole files in the folder to see the result

Select the images & Tap to restore it.

6. Application will prompt you to view the result, open the gallery and voila. All the selection images were restore to folder RestoreImage which located inside phone or internal memory. You can access using default gallery or 3rd party apps Image view from Playstore , I recommend to download QuickPic Image viewer for faster browsing with folder label.

7. So this is it


I think Restore Images (Super Easy) is crappy name, they should rename it without bracket like Super Easy Restore Images. Its easy to use, simple interface and 'somehow' able catch my old files. Im not sure the scanning from existing cache or hidden Recycle Bin but its works for certain files.  However the lack option of root does limits its capable underneath. Because if this reason its unable to gain more power access from the root storage for throughout data scan like DCIM folder.


This article also available in Bahasa Melayu
Reviu Aplikasi - Super Easy by Mie Mohd

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