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Apps review - GT Recovery (root) Part 1 - Recovering your lost photos

Have you delete some important & memorable pictures, here I present you GT Recovery, an ultimate solution for all in one recovery program. Iv previously discuss of GT Photo recovery which come from the same company. From my experience it help me recovering some deleted video. This application however require root access for deep scan & recovery process.

Apps review - GT Recovery (root) Part 1 - Recovering you lost photos

1. Now heads up to Android Playstore , search and download GT Recovery. Application logo has blue-green color I think, with a rolling green lizard sticking on the wall.

waddaya looking at ?

Tap image above for download link

2. Once you got installed, run the apps. UI looks detail than other known data recovery in Android Playstore market.

I only cover for photos recovery for this review, 
gimme time to explore the rest function later

My objective is to recover some camera photos deleted about 2 weeks ago. And before start and reminder, chance of recovering data files is 50/50 so dont expect with magic result. IF the photo/ images data location interrupt with new data files or overwritten, the data cannot be reach. Application might retrieve the last location of missing data, but the outcome might render nothing or looks crappy.

3. Lets through the main Setting to see what option we got. Slide the screen to right and you'll see application setting. Try slide with you elbow for advance settings! This apps is Root access require so take you time by reading FAQ especially for noobie. So Tap the FAQ you noob!

the best free recovery so far

4.Continued from FAQ & read the yadayada thing, seriously imporant

Im not gonna read it, dont be lazy like me

5. Once tap on Setting page, SuperUser detecting Root access from GT Recovery. Tap the accept the prompt to proceed. If theres nothing SuperUser request comes out, your devices maybe isnt Root or perhaps youve virgin-lame devices.

not applicable for iphone.... (j.k ..... )

6. What I love on this apps is ability for manually select partition disk (which I like), this include system partition; EXT2,3,4.. superb! With this option, I can specifically make selection without scanned the whole devices memory.

my memory card has EXT3 partition (5.81gb) so you might have 1 external partition
7. Exit the setting page by pressing the back button. Back to main application page and proceed for photo recovery. So tap onto Recover Photo icon. Dont tap other function yet, I'll cover another time

that blue photo icon kinda looks like television icon

8. Tap the Start new Scan button.

push the button if your dare, anything happen I wont care.

9. Let the apps running for few hours =)

 Naah, just few minutes only, 

10.You may scroll down browse the result page, no worry it will not kill or pause scanning progress. You can pause or stop the scanning process once you found the right photo.If you reading my previous apps review the interface is the same as GT Photo Recovery. Found image were sorted in thumbnail view, no other option to view files like detail view in Es File Explorer. The Timeline tab view was base on date information.  Others tab view result were sorted by image size.

hey,  Im no put porn inside ,

11. Alright, once scanning complete (stopped as you want), scroll down and choose you desire photo by tap the photo. You may select multiple times or with group selection. If you see garble or incomplete image you could try, but its not guarantee. Press the Recover button to proceed restore.

Dont tap Erase or you be sorry.

12. Dont panic, select your memory to save the recovered image. If you scanning from external memory best to save into internal memory or connect to USB drive, this would keep your memory card intact from overwritten ontop potential file.

dont save it on your EXT partition,

13. Let the default path / directory, this would ease us to find and locate directory (the recovered files)

Remember this directory location

14. Once complete recovering, apps will prompt search result. Tap view the result for to view the recovered files. Off course you can access these files again or with 3rd party Image/ File Manager or Explorer which is more preferable.

Thank you God

15. Recovered files places here, by default the location of the files is ;
    x-memory // GTRecoveryfiles // photo // recover files here


Tap the files to open with your fav apps like QuickPic or just using default Gallery for nerd people.

16. Now keep the picture to safe places to computer, I prefer with cloud transfer like Google drive, since you already got Gmail assuming Android users, so utilitze it.

Looks good!

Finally, a real apps do the job. Its free but offer more than the rest. Application has clean user interface & user friendly. I like the manual memory selection from the setting page. This allow me to identified the origins of delete files without wasting my time scanning whole device,  ie. no point scanning the internal too if the deleted files was only from memory card .. right ?. No complain but my suggestion the result Tab could be improve with additional view, eg Timeline/Size/Dimension/ Types. 


Tap image for download link

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